Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ

Is colon hydrotherapy painful?

There should be absolutely no pain during the session, if there is we would stop the session immediately.

Some people experience slight cramping. When the colon is contracting to expel, it is normal for cramping to occur.

Most of the treatment is very relaxing. During the session the therapist may use abdominal massaging, acupressure points, reflexology and a heating pad to make the session more comfortable.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

The system we use is very safe. Our equipment is FDA registered, monitoring pressure and water temperature at all times. It also has back flow prevention valves. Individual disposable speculum and tubing are always used once, then are discarded. After the session the equipment is thoroughly cleansed using hospital grade disinfectant.

Is the session embarrassing?

No, the client is completely draped during the session. We use a "closed" system which means the waste is contained, so there is no odor at all. Your dignity is maintained at all times.

How many sessions will I need?

Every person has different goals and objectives. Usually after the first session we can determine what the plan of action will be. In the beginning it is recommended to have 3 sessions, usually within 3 weeks. After your initial series we will determine a maintenance plan which is the best fit for you.

One colonic is usually not enough after years of eating processed and refined foods.

Will colon therapy deplete me of my "good bacteria"?

During a colonic some of the "good bacteria" will be washed away, but NOT depleted. Even having a bowel movement you will lose some "good bacteria". Having a clean colon can allow the "good" bacteria to be established and to flourish to multiply.

Can I use colon therapy for an alternative to prepare for a colonoscopy?

Yes, recently Danbury hospital has experimented with colon hydrotherapy as an alternative to oral purgatives. The results showed that colon hydrotherapy is superior to standard preparations both in terms of completion and patient tolerance.

Results from this study can be reviewed by reading A New Choice For Colonoscopy Preparation

Inadequate preparation for a colonoscopy can defeat the effectiveness of the exam. It often frustrates the endoscopist who struggles to complete the colonoscopy and distresses the patient that knows they need to go through another round of cleansing.

It is important that you check with your physician prior choosing this option prior to your colonoscopy.

How much does colon therapy cost?

1 Session: $115.00

Series of 3 Sessions: $295.00